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漂流拾味/Zora's Floating Kitchen

Since 2015.10.18 


Current Location: Canberra, Australia

Openning Hours: Booking only - Friday or Saturday

    Hi there, I m Zora =). I started this cooking project when I was a Chinese student studying History of Art, Philosophy and Business at Monash Uni, Melbourne. I went to Warwick University in the UK for a term of exchange in 2015 where I had my first cohort of participants.


     Since my graduation from high school in China in 2013, I v been travelling around. I v realized that it is so true that the best cooking is always at home, from mums (sometimes dads), nans, and daughters (in  my case =P). However, non-local cuisines are rarely genuine. It therefore became my favourite thing to do during my journeys to meet local people and cook a proper Chinese meal for them to break their cliches on Chinese food and culture.


     My memory of first time cooking alone (secretly) at home was around the age of 8 and I was trying to make some sweet dumplings with glutinous rice flour. I learnt my cooking through imagination and experiments, and from everyone who has cooked for me with love and care.


    Cooking is not just about conveying love. It's a striking, experiential way to remind people of the nature, the journey from field to plates of plants and animals, and ultimately, the attitude of respecting the food of culture, of energy and of lives. I practice a zero waste mission in my kitchen. 


    I will be updating the Tasting Menu regularly. A tasting menu system ensure us to have the best/freshest/healthiest food of the day and minimize kitchen waste. 



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