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7th Nov, 2015
























    This week is very busy yet rewarding, as I made some kinda complicated food that I v never tried cooking before. For example, the Char Siew, was really delicious memories from the South Coast of China. I also decided to make a profile for all of my guests. I hope my restaurant is as warm as Italian (my favourite restaurant which no longer exists).

    However, there was a hint of disappointment in me. I didn't respect my ingredients as much as I could have. I didn't waste any bit of the food, but I didn't respect them enough and make all of them unique, indispensable and shine in their own dishes.

    There was also a sense of pressure because I always need to get up early being the first one in the kitchen, cook while working on essays and writings, making sure that everything goes well and is as expected.

    Everything is getting better =). This is just the start.














































Photos: Debbie Y.

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