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-Got Lost-



    With a dead phone, carrying heavy stuffs I just bought, and being trailed by my red bag with textbooks, I walked, walked, and got lost by walking on an unknown road wondering what I v done or hv not. I lost my direction just like what my heart hv done and I was cast down just like my mind. I could hv enjoyed the views passing by but the view inside is much more anfractuous. I asked and tried and failed and tried again and again, and after the longest time it could be, I finally walked into a familiar world and I talked to the god of whom I don't know:

"Sometimes we need to get lost if we wish to go a long way that off-limits, however, at last we will know that, it's just the way back home, the way back to ourselves. Only the pain of foot would remind us that we v walked the whole way through. A new meal is waiting to be cooked, new works are waiting to be done, maybe another day will come to me, or maybe not. I don't dare to get the latter answer which would finally come one day. What I can do is to not live everyday as if it's the last, but the primal."





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