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In(out)sider: a collaborative story

With Special thanks to Dr Anni Doyle Wawrzyńczak, Dr Maya Haviland, Saskia Haalebos and other collaborators who made this exhibition In(out)sider (2020) [optimise view on computer] possible, and Professor and Brasilian artist Christus Nobrega who brought inspiration and wisdom to the group.

(Images above: Collages made in collaboration with Canberra Artist Saskia Haalebos in an interview at the NPG in a rainy morning, 2020. Presented in exhibition In(out)sider (2020). )

The first exercise Christus did with us was to take out everything in our bag and lay them out on the desk, then write about another person in the class according to what they have, and I chose Chritus (image below). It was a key that opened up our creativity power. Somehow the uncertainty, the freedom, and (mis)communication in this collective exercise summarised this three-month-journey.

This week is the launch of our online exhibition In(out)sider (2020). In the virtual space traces of us interacting with each other are everywhere, languages, style, positioning of images. Click, and you never know where it leads you. Rather than an end result, it is the starting point of an exploration into the forest of storytelling. There are so much more to talk about, to make and express, to listen to and pass on in various ways.


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